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Hi Gorgeous!

I’m Tegan,  a self-love and empowerment coach who is obsessed with helping women, like you, who have lost their spark, get back to a life that truly lights them up!

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, ”what happened to the fun, bubbly, creative, free-spirited woman that once stared back at me?”

She hasn’t gone anywhere. She is just hidden in the dark, waiting for you to reconnect with her and bring her back into the light.

How you ask?


  By loving yourself -
truly, deeply, unconditionally.
And, I’m here to help you do just that.

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I am on a mission to reach women, like you, who are ready to embrace their light and inner beauty. Women who are done holding themselves back so they can fully experience the joy life has to offer when they truly love themselves for who they are and believe in what they add to the world.

My sensitivity is my superpower. It’s easy to tell you that I’m empathic and deeply caring. It’s harder for me to admit that I was once you, and, on some days, I still deeply identify with exactly where you are today.
A fulfilled life of joy and purpose doesn’t snap into place in one day. It is an ever-unfolding journey that takes consistent effort. But that journey starts the moment you say yes to yourself. It starts right here, right now.

I’m here to help you connect with your authentic self so that you can have all that your heart desires.

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Client Love


Life changing experience!

Before working with Tegan I was really struggling with direction and self confidence. I was feeling very lost spiritually, emotionally and mentally. As soon as I started coaching with Tegan I noticed a positive change in myself.

People have noticed how much more self confidence I have and how much more connected to myself I am. I am so much happier and focused not just on my career but also the spiritual and creative side of life.

- Jamyma Kalamaras



Empowering and enlightening self-love journey

When I first connected with Tegan I felt like my life was lacking in a few areas and I wanted to learn what I could do to improve it. I feel changed on the inside in a great way, I feel content and more confident. I have felt a massive shift in myself and it has really impacted my relationship with myself and I truly believe made me a lot happier.

- Sharnee Coburn


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